Remove a lady's beard permanently

Remove a lady's beard permanently

Remove a lady's beard permanently - What to do about a lady's beard?

Many women know them: noticeable, annoying facial hair. The only question that often arises is how best to remove the lady's beard, what really helps against facial hair. And which hair removal method should best be used to achieve an optimal result.


The fine fuzz on the chin, cheek or upper lip is quite natural. Nevertheless, many women find the lady's beard annoying and unpleasant. For various reasons, some people have slightly thicker hairs that are a little more prominent than others. This can be due to a hormonal imbalance or simply has to do with genes. As a result, many women strongly desire quick, inconspicuous and permanent facial hair removal. You want to get rid of annoying hairs on your face? Don't worry, a woman's beard can be removed permanently. ELAINE PERINE will tell you which methods are possible.


Shaving a lady's beard

Shaving a woman's beard is one of the most popular hair removal methods. It's quick, easy and cheap, but because the blade only cuts the hairs on the surface of the skin and the root still remains under the layer of skin, they grow back quickly. When removing a lady's beard above the upper lip, make sure the blade is fresh and sharp and that the razor has a moisturising glide strip. Likewise, shaving foam or gel should not irritate the skin. We recommend using products for sensitive skin, otherwise the thin upper lip may show irritation after use. Shaving the lady's beard is good if the hairs are thin and light, otherwise they become visible again after a short time and dark, thick facial hairs leave beard shadows.

Many women also ask themselves: Does the lady's beard grow back more when shaving? The clear answer to this is: no. The hair may appear a little thicker because the hair follicles are visible at first, but shaving does not affect the thickness of your body hair.


Lasering a lady's beard

This method is ideal for permanent hair removal. Even though this method is not exactly cheap and several sessions are needed for an optimal result, many women opt for it. Especially for light skin types with darker hair, it is worthwhile to laser the lady's beard. Light hairs are not captured by the laser and with darker skin there is a risk of burns. When facial hair is lasered, the hair-forming cells on the cheeks, chin or upper lip are severely damaged by a doctor with the light pulse so that they no longer grow back.


You can also do facial hair removal with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) on your own, as the light pulse is not as strong as the laser. Here, only the hair roots that are in the growth phase are affected.


Epilating the lady's beard

Epilating the lady's beard is particularly suitable after showering, when the skin has become softer due to the warm water and the pores have opened up. Nevertheless, the skin is strongly irritated here due to the individual plucking of the hair roots, namely epilating is similar to the plucking hair removal method. The rotating rollers in the epilators are like tweezers that grab the hairs one by one and pluck them out. To remove the lady's beard, special epilators fort he face work more precisely. This method lasts for a longer period of time because the hair is plucked by the root. 


Beard bleaching

The easiest and quickest method of hair removal is sometimes bleaching. Instead of shaving your facial hair, you can also lighten it by bleaching. This makes the dark lady's beard lighter and the hairs are no longer so visible. Of course, facial hair is not really removed but camouflaged. With this method, you can be sure that it works well with thin and small hairs and less so if the hairs are too long or too thick. Bleaching is therefore particularly suitable if you want to visually remove a slight fuzz on your face. Our tip: Buy special bleaching creams for this purpose, as they are less strong and thus avoid skin irritation.


And another important tip: do not use a bleaching cream on your facial hair to lighten it.


Waxing a lady's beard

Waxing: With one tug, the hair is gone. This well-known method removes both the lady's beard and the root. While sugaring uses a mixture of sugar, water and lemon juice for hair removal, waxing uses warm wax or ribbon wax.


Warm wax

Here, the relevant hairy area is coated with hot, liquid wax and covered with a fleece. Then you wait a little while until the wax dries a little and bonds with the fleece. Finally, the fleece is torn off together with the wax, removing facial hair. This variant is a little more precise than the cold wax variant, but takes longer because of the waiting time.


Cold wax

Cold wax strips work in a similar way to warm wax, but as the name suggests, only cold wax is used here. The cold wax already sticks to the fleece, which is applied to the lady's beard and torn off after a short waiting time. This hair removal method takes less time than warm wax, but is less effective and must therefore often be repeated several times.


Pulling the lady's beard

Tweezing is ideal for removing isolated hairs on the upper lip. With this type of hair removal, the hairs are plucked off together with the root. Therefore, it takes time afterwards for new facial hairs to grow back. Plucking can be laborious if the entire lady's beard is to be removed with tweezers and can be a little painful for some people, as the upper lip is generally rather sensitive.


The Hair Stop Collection by Elaine Perine

Elaine Perine's Hair Stop products have succeeded in providing a painless, natural and permanent hair removal method to combat unwanted hair on the face and body.

Women too often ask themselves what really helps against the lady's beard. The Elaine Perine HAIR STOP FACE COLLECTION provides the answer. These include the Hair Stop Face Cream - Unwanted Hair Face, the Hair Stop Face Serum with Hyaluron and Aloe Vera and the combination of both products: the Hair Stop Facial Hair Remover - Set. And because it is so important to take care of your skin after hair removal, our facial care with creams, serums and lotions will help you to do so.


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