HAIR GROWTH STOP ingrown pubic hair 1oz

Adieu ingrown pubic hair, hello well-groomed skin - with Elaine Perine

Ouch - another ingrown hair on the vagina! Not only do these look unsightly, they are often painful. But don't worry, rescue is at hand! At Elaine Perine, we know skin irritations after hair removal all too well and have made it our goal to support women with the optimal skin care - completely vegan and without animal testing. Look forward to supple, smooth and well-groomed skin: With the INGROWN HAIR & HAIR STOP + Peeling with Retinol & Aloe Vera 2in1 you support all areas where you remove unwanted hair and even counteract the rapid regrowth. A real all-round talent!

✓ Against ingrown hair in the pubic area and shaving pimples.

✓ With retinol and aloe vera for radiantly smooth skin.

✓ 100% vegan, cruelty free and gynecologically tested

✓ Hormone-free cream and peeling in one

✓ Incredibly nourishing thanks to panthenol for soft skin

✓ Inhibits hair growth by up to 72%.

✓ Anti-inflammatory as well as corneal dissolving properties


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How to get rid of ingrown hair – Ingrown pubic hair treatment

Ingrown hair, what to do?

Wondering how to treat and remove ingrown hairs, for smooth and supple skin? Looking for the best way to remove ingrown hair in the bikini area? 

Small hairs that curl up under the skin are often painful, especially when they become nastily inflamed. To avoid the genital ingrown hair, it takes a particularly gentle scrub that pushes the body hairs to the surface of the skin - preferably with salicylic acid.

Don't worry, help is at hand! Discover our INGROWN HAIR & HAIR STOP Peeling with Retinol & Aloe Vera 2in1, the best anti ingrown hair cream in the intimate area. It dissolves keratinized areas and ingrown hairs in the bikni line under the skin layer. At the same time, thanks to panthenol, it is incredibly nourishing and provides soft and soothed skin. 

The best part? The unique hormone-free formula is hair growth-inhibiting and completely painless avoids hair regrowth in this particularly sensitive area. Our cream-peel combination ensures that hair grows back more slowly. So you have your peace for even longer.  

Gentle ingrown hair removal- avoid them altogether with Elaine Perine

To prevent ingrown hairs from occurring in the first place, it's best to use our Hair Stop 2in1 cream for ingrown pubic hairs. Here's how it works: 

  • First, you should remove your body hair by shaving, waxing or other hair removal methods. 
  • Then, apply 1-2 pumps of the ingrown hair removal cream thoroughly to the area to be treated. 
  • Massage it in until the cream is completely absorbed. 

After just five days of use, the number of ingrown hairs will visibly decrease until they eventually disappear completely with continued use. Over time, your hair will also grow back weaker and less dense, which in turn will prevent ingrown hairs under the skin. For best results, apply the cream once a day after showering. The perfect ingrown hair removal at home. 

Where do ingrown hairs actually come from?

Ingrown body hairs are small hairs that grow from the upper layer of the skin back into the skin. These hairs do not necessarily appear on the surface, but sometimes remain under the skin and grow in in a circular pattern. Many women wonder if ingrown hairs will go away on their own or if they should do an ingrown hair removal treatment. The small hairs are hardly noticeable and are usually repelled by the body itself onto the skin surface.

But if you discover small redness that resembles a pimple, then skin damage may be caused by bacteria getting under the skin layer and causing inflammation. Typical symptoms are itching and pain.

Therefore, in such cases, we recommend visiting the dermatologist and having the corresponding area examined. Where the ingrown hairs come from can have various reasons. Ingrown hairs occur when the hair is pressed under the skin surface while growing. This can happen if the hair is particularly thick or strong, or if the skin is excessively irritated because the hair removal cream against ingrown hairs has been missing. Incorrect shaving or epilating can also cause the hair to not be cut properly and penetrate the skin. Other causes of ingrown hairs can be dead skin cells, tight clothing, pressure and friction, hair type or the growth channel. 

Ingrown hairs in the intimate area, legs and underarms are common because these areas are often shaved or epilated. Removing body hair can irritate the skin, increasing the risk of ingrown hairs. 

When hairs grow under the skin and inflamed pimples appear, it is better to remove the small hairs with tweezers and extra care. It is best to do this after showering or bathing, because then your skin is nice and soft and relaxed. Especially in the intimate area it is better to use an in grown hair remover, because the region is very sensitive - nothing better ignite here. 

Ingrown hair treatment and care for the whole body - by Elaine Perine

Our cream against ingrown hairs in the intimate area with retinol & aloe vera provides a radiantly smooth skin and inhibits hair growth at the same time. You may also be interested in the Elaine Perine hair removal products, which include the Hair Stop Face and Body Cream and the Hair Stop Face Serum. If you are looking for a good intimate care for women, we recommend our intimate care sets, intimate care creams and intimate care serums. Discover many great intimate hygiene products now!


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