Tanning Drops


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Why to use tanning drops

Tanning drops offer a unique advantage over traditional self-tan products. With tanning drops, you have precise control over the depth of your tan. You can easily customize the level of tan serum you mix with your moisturizer to achieve your desired look.Furthermore, tanning drops are a highly effective sunless tanning method, offering a natural and streak-free tan without the need for sun exposure. Explore the benefits of tanning drops for a flawless and personalized tanning experience. Tanning drops are an innovative skincare product that allow users to customize their desired level of tan. They are an easy-to-use liquid formula, made up of natural and active ingredients like DHA and erythrulose, that mix into your existing moisturizer or body lotion. The gradual tanning process works by reacting with the proteins in your outer layers of skin, which in turn produces a subtle, natural-looking tan.