The perfect Dirndl neckline for the Wiesn 2022

The perfect Dirndl neckline for the Wiesn 2022
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Watch out, the Oktoberfest countdown is on! On October 17th it's finally that time again. After 2 years off, the fifth season finally starts again. And we are all looking forward to it. Gingerbread hearts, lots of beer, music, fairground rides and of course traditional costumes!
And what do we girls proudly present at the Oktoberfest? Exactly: our dirndl décolleté. Because nothing at the Oktoberfest works without a dirndl! The Oktoberfest is not only the largest, but also the chicest folk festival in the world. And the focus in a dirndl is very much on the décolleté. It doesn't matter whether you have small and fine breasts or an ample bosom. We all simply want a
nice, well-groomed décolleté in a dirndl, don't we?

But what makes a beautiful dirndl décolleté? The breasts should look plump and be lifted as high as possible so that the décolleté is beautifully expansive and the two best accessories are presented in full bloom. But that's not easy for everyone, because unfortunately you can't just quickly order a cup size bigger for the Oktoberfest so that the dirndl is perfectly filled out... Or maybe you can?
If you are also tired of last minute shopping for the perfect bra for your dirndl, which will push your breasts and give you a beautiful and firm décolleté, then we have just the right thing for you with our favourite products. With our wonderful development of the Elaine Perine Push Up! breast enhancement serum and cream, we have found a painless, non-invasive way to help women feel
more self-confidence with such a transformation, so they can be completely comfortable in their dirndl. With our Push Up! range, you can really boost your breast size for the Oktoberfest 

breastenlargement cream

But how does it work? The core secret of our Push Up! product line lies in one of its active ingredients: Commiphora extract, an essential oil extracted from the Guggul plant (Indian myrrh).
The extract has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years and is able to stimulate fatty acid synthesis, which causes the fat cells to enlarge. In our Push Up! cream, the extract causes a natural activation of the breast tissue, which leads to an enhancement of the chest circumference of 2 to 4 cm. To achieve this effect, it is important to apply the creme continually 1-2 times a day. The effect of our creme is completely natural, hormone free and without side
effects. In the Ayurvedic medicine, Indian Myrrh is even said to be effective in maintaining healthy tissues as well as stopping the abnormal growth of cells.
Our Push Up! range gets your girls in shape with just 4 all-natural ingredients:
Indian Myrrh: Locally enlarges cells to plump up the breast from the inside out.
Almond oil: Has an anti oxidative effect. Antioxidants have a rejuvenating effect by protecting vital cell structures.
Aloe Vera: Has an anti-inflammatory, moisturising and anti-aging effect.
Vitamin E: Has cell rejuvenating and protective features.
The Push Up! products have been developed by us to firm, plump and tone the delicate skin of the chest and décolleté and help your girls fight gravity - all naturally, 100% vegan, completely painless and with no side effects! So our favourite products are the perfect companion during the Oktoberfest and of course afterwards.

Want to see the effects of the firming cream for yourself? Then strike now!

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