Body care: How to take care of your body?

Desarrollamos nuestras lociones corporales especiales para ofrecer a las mujeres una manera de sentirse más cómodas en su piel a través de un apoyo natural. El uso diario de nuestros productos de realce mejorará la textura general de su piel. Además, nuestras cremas corporales son hidratantes naturales que dejan tu piel suave, sedosa y tersa.


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Daily body care products. From Elaine Perine. For you.

Why is it important to take care of your body? You can't replace your body. It belongs to you and accompanies you through all stages of life. It is unique and therefore deserves unique care. That's why we've developed body care products for women like you that provide lasting pampering.


In addition, to take care of the body not only serves the external impression, but also has an impact on our psyche. Through regular body skincare we feel strengthened and healthy, which also has a positive effect on our mind. In addition, we take time for ourselves and take care of our body - this replenishes the batteries, especially in stressful times. Online, at our Elaine Perine body care shop you will find the right products for you, such as our anti wrinkle body cream or our body lotion for lightening skin and also our body care sets. At Elaine Perine you don't just buy a beauty product, you buy a lifestyle.


But how to do a perfect body care routine? Many women ask themselves what is important for a bodycare routine. Gentle cleansing, a pleasant exfoliation and creams that moisturize make up a good body care routine. Before you put any cream on your body, you should clean it of sweat, dirt and any cosmetic residue with a body cleanser. This also includes compact creams such as sunscreen. Shower gels, neutral PH soaps or creams for the shower are suitable for cleansing. In order to achieve a particularly soft and smooth skin appearance, we recommend that you use a refreshing peeling. This will remove dead skin cells and make the skin appear supple again.


If your body care routine includes shaving, it is best to apply the scrub first. This way you remove small shaving pimples in advance, which can often lead to injuries during shaving. Would you rather remove your body hair in a gentle way? Then our depilatory cream for the body is perfect for you.


After the body is dried, you can massage body lotions or body serums into the skin. It is best to start applying the cream immediately after the shower. Because then the skin is clean from any pollutants and the care product can be absorbed into the skin layers without any obstacles. Elaine Perine's special body lotions also include the natural breast enhancement cream, which ensures a firm and toned décolleté.


For a flawless complexion, our body brightening cream is perfect for those who want to even out their skin tone during their body care routine.


But don't you think the right skincare routine should include matching body care kits? Good news: All of our body lotions, also have a matching serum that has deep-acting ingredients. You can find both body care products online in our store and they are also available in sets.

The right body care - what products to use for body care?

What body products do I actually need as a woman? That depends on what properties your skin has. Is it dry, sensitive or rather oily? This is important when choosing the skin care products for your body because, for example, a body lotion for dry skin is clearly different from impure skin and the goals of natural body care products are different. The right body care products for dry skin should be rather compact, like a milk lotion or skin care lotion, as they are the perfect body moisturizers. In contrast, for blemished or oily skin, it is important to pay attention to what ingredients are in the products. This also applies to combination skin. Don't worry, by the way, it's completely normal that your skin type differs on some parts of your body. For example, your face may appear more oily, while your hands are very dry. Seasonal changes can also have an impact on skin type and the natural body care that goes with it. Thus, some parts of the body can look very supple in summer, while they tend to dry out in winter. Therefore, you should pay individual attention to how your skin changes, which creams, oils or serums you use for respective body parts and when it is necessary to change them.

How to get a body care routine for a well groomed skin?

Make sure your body is adequately hydrated. We lose about 2.5 liters of fluid a day, and you can compensate for this loss by consuming 1.5 liters a day through drinks that contain little sugar. Water or unsweetened teas are examples of this. Other influencing factors are diet and UV protection. Regular exercise also has a very positive effect on our body. Afterwards, you can also allow your body to rest - because regeneration is also important.