Couperose Serum 1oz

El sérum facial Elaine Perine Couperose alivia las rojeces, repara los capilares dilatados, calma y protege. Suaviza las líneas finas, mejora la elasticidad e ilumina la piel. Aplicar el suero de cuperosis solo o debajo de una crema facial.


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What causes rosacea?

High blood pressure, erythema, acne, excessive alcohol consumption and over-care are possible causes of redness on the face. Early stage couperose or rosacea skin can also be possible causes. In this case, our Elaine Perine couperose redness serum can help you to reduce skin redness.

But what is rosacea? It is a genetically determined dilatation of the small, superficial blood vessels in the skin. The difference between couperose and rosacea is that couperose on the face is considered a possible early form or precursor of rosacea. Signs include individual visible small veins to more severe redness on the face - especially around the nose and cheeks - and on the décolleté.


Couperose or rosacea on the face?

How can you tell the difference between the two forms of the skin condition? At the beginning, the connective tissue weakness may only be temporary. However, in an advanced condition, the skin condition rosacea may become permanent. The reason for the visibility is a weakness of the vessel walls. As the damage progresses, inflammatory changes can occur - then it can be rosea on the skin of the face. This manifests itself as stinging and burning of the skin and a spontaneous reddening of the skin. In addition, red papules and pustules may develop, as well as reddened eyes. To reduce these effects, we developed our Elaine Perine anti redness face serum.

What helps rosacea on the face?

Getting rid of redness on your face - that's certainly what you wish for when your skin is bothering you. You ask yourself: What to use for rosacea? The right rosacea treatment is the be-all and end-all. There are a lot of face creams for rosacea. But with our reduce-redness serum against couperose and rosacea, your skin regains an even complexion as the rosacea rash is minimised. 

So what is the best skincare for rosacea? A good skincare for redness would be a vitamin C serum with a skin-soothing formula and hyaluronic acid, such as our Elaine Perine Retinol Serum, works very well. This rosacea natural treatment has anti-inflammatory properties and causes rapid cell renewal, which has a positive effect on the symptoms of rosacea as the skin is stimulated to regenerate.


Application: How can I get rid of redness on my face quickly?

For the right rosacea care, simply apply 4-5 drops to your fingertips in the morning and/or evening. Then spread the serum evenly over the face and massage it into the skin. Use as an add-on before a couperose cream or on its own.


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