Hair growth of women

Hair growth of women
Heavy and dense hair growth is very unpleasant, especially for women, no matter whether it is strong leg hair, in the genital area or a lady's beard.

In order to reduce annoying hair growth on the most diverse body regions in the long term, it is recommended to use a hair stop cream or lotion such as ELAINE PERINE UNWANTED HAIR BODY, which can be used on the entire body such as legs, arms, armpits or the intimate area.

We have developed ELAINE PERINE UNWANTED FACE CREME to reduce hair growth on the face and, in addition to the hair stop effect, to care for the facial skin.

With plant-based active ingredients, the cream gradually slows down and inhibits hair growth, while at the same time the hair becomes thinner and finer over time.

For best results, the treated body area should be cleared of hair by waxing or epilation so that the active ingredients can penetrate the hair follicles unhindered.

The highly effective formula penetrates the top layer of skin and the hair follicles and prevents hair from growing again.

Apply ELAINE PERINE UNWANTED HAIR cream (Hair Stop Cream) daily to the affected areas for best results.

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