Intimate Bleaching

You find dark pigmentation annoying and wish for a brighter intimate area? Then read the following ELAINE PERINEs tips on whitening.

While a professional intimate bleaching at the dermatologist or specialist is time-consuming and perhaps unpleasant for some people and can be associated with high costs, there are definitely simpler methods of whitening the skin in this body region. We are talking about bleaching and whitening creams. Those who show a little perseverance in using these products will achieve visible results. Applied twice a day, ELAINE PERINE Whitening Creme Intimate is ideal for whitening. Already after the first 4 weeks of regular use a remarkable effect can be seen. Wash your intimate area daily in the morning and evening and apply the cream afterwards. To maintain the result in the long term, you can extend the intervals between applications after the desired lightening.

The pigmentation of the skin is darker or lighter in different parts of the body. Especially the armpits and intimate areas are naturally darker than the rest of the skin. The vagina and anus are particularly rich in pigment-producing cells, the so-called melanocytes. The intensity of the colouring depends on the genetic disposition as well as the progressive ageing process. The hormones testosterone and oestrogen regulate the activity of melanin in the skin. With the beginning of puberty, oestrogen increases in women and testosterone in men. These hormones darken the pigments in the intimate area. Hormonal changes such as the pill, pregnancy and menopause can also change the colour of the skin in the genital area. Clothing can also have an enormous effect on the colour of the genital area. The friction caused by the clothing can cause an undesirable tinting of the sensitive skin.

The active ingredient hexylresorcinol contained in ELAINE PERINE Whitening Cream Intimate blocks the key enzyme of melanin synthesis and pigmentation is inhibited.

How long does it take to see results?

That is completely individual. Every person has a different skin pigmentation and the melanin contained in the cream determines the colour. The initial pigmentation and also the current hormonal status of a woman determine the skin colour. Genetic predisposition also determines how often and for how long a woman should use the whitening cream. Of course, the individual understanding of aesthetics also plays a role. Decide for yourself when your intimate area is light enough or whether it should be treated further.

Finally, the woman herself has to decide whether and if so how long she wants to carry out a bleaching in the form of whitening cream applications. A light intimate area certainly looks aesthetic and can help every woman to achieve a completely new feeling of well-being. ELAINE PERINE loves every facet of the body!

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