How to Get Rid of Underarm Hyperpigmentation

How to Get Rid of Underarm Hyperpigmentation

Well-groomed armpits are indispensable, especially in the summer days. If you want to air your arms at the first rays of the sun, you can not use hair stubble and dark spots in the armpit. How to get rid of discolored armpits and dark spots in the sensitive body region, you can read here.

Why is the underarm skin darker?
There are different reasons why the underarm skin appears darker than the rest of the body skin. For one, the hair roots can shine through the thin, sensitive underarm skin. A dark shimmer can also be visible through regrowing hair and be perceived as annoying. Skin irritations caused by shaving as well as hereditary pigment disorders are also causes of dark colored armpits. Deodorants can also discolor the skin: Women who have fair and sensitive skin should be careful here and look for highly compatible ingredients in deodorants. A fungal infection of the armpits can also cause the skin to discolor and, in rare cases, remain brown. In this case, the dermatologist can prescribe an ointment against skin fungus, which likewise remedies the discoloration.

Lighten armpits - the how-to:
To make the armpits shine, the following tips can be applied.

1. peeling: If the skin in the armpits is discolored by the deodorant, a gentle shower peeling is advised. Formulas with brightening extracts, such as birch extract, can also have a beneficial effect on the skin. In addition, the deodorant should be changed. Here dermatologists recommend products without aluminum and alcohol.

2. lemon juice: a little lemon juice diluted with water can also have a brightening effect and make the armpits shine.

3. turmeric mask: applied before showering, a mask of turmeric powder and lemon juice is a great way to rid the skin of dark shadows.

4. coconut oil: The miracle weapon of cosmetics not only maintains the sensitive skin supple - coconut oil also lightens gradually. Pleasant side effect is the pleasant summer smell of coconut.

5. gentle hair removal: To permanently avoid discoloration and pigment spots, should be switched to a gentle hair removal. With wet shaving, particular care should be taken to ensure that the blades are changed regularly. Regular waxing or sugarring can also have a positive effect. In the case of depilatory creams, care should be taken to ensure that they contain ingredients that do not irritate the skin.

6. Whitening body creams: A sustainable and permanent way to gradually lighten the skin of the armpits are body creams with whitening complex.

ELAINE PERINE Whitening Creme Body is suitable for this purpose. It contains natural herbal extracts that gently rid the skin of dark shimmering areas and pigment spots. It can also be used on the elbows, knees and inner thighs as needed.

7. IPL laser: Those who suffer particularly badly from dark discolorations of the armpits can have them treated by a dermatologist with an IPL laser.

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