Whitening Cream - products with whitening effect are ideal for you.

Whitening Cream - products with whitening effect are ideal for you.

You wish for radiant and even skin? Then products with whitening effect are ideal for you.

Many equate the term whitening with bleaching. However, this is a misconception. While chemical skin whitening means a medical intervention on teeth or the skin, products with whitening effect have a balancing effect and correct skin areas affected by age spots, pigmentation disorders or similar. Whitening therefore means to create an even skin structure and not to bleach it in any way. These face creams are used to make the skin tone more even, revitalize sallow skin, reduce traces of skin impurities and make the complexion glow.

Due to environmental factors such as harmful UV rays, stress, environmental pollution, the skin can often appear dull and pale. Pigment spots or impurities also contribute to an uneven complexion. Women should counteract these symptoms and use products with a whitening effect in daily skin care. The active ingredients contained in these products are mainly based on natural and herbal formulas and ingredients. Vitamin C, Niacinamide, liquorice root or berry extracts, AHA as well as BHA are active ingredients that help in the renewal process of the skin and have an additional stimulating effect. No ingredients are used which bleach the skin's pigmentation or even extract particles from it.

The whitening care rooted in Asian cosmetics has been part of the daily routine for Asian women for years. An even and fine-pored skin appearance is part of the beauty ideal here. These products have long since revolutionized the global cosmetics market. In the following we will explain how to use the different care products correctly.

Do you also suffer from an impure and pale complexion on your face? If so, it is advisable to first use a gentle peeling to remove dead skin cells that make the skin look pale. Afterwards you apply the ELAINE PERINE Whitening Cream for the face. If you have very bad and irregular skin, we recommend applying the cream twice a day after cleansing your face.




In case of pigmentation spots, we recommend using an additional serum that works specifically against the discolored areas on the skin. Dark spots, freckles as well as age spots can be treated with the ELAINE PERINE No Spots! Corrector(remove pigment spots).

Whitening products are not only available for facial skin, but also for regions of the body with darker pigmentation, such as the armpits, knees, elbows or inner thighs. Here too, the skin may appear uneven. These irregularities can also be treated with special whitening creams. The ELAINE PERINE Whitening Body Cream, for example, can be used twice a day for slight discoloration and three times a day for more severe pigmentation disorders. For an even skin appearance on the entire body!

The intimate area with regions such as the vagina, anus, groin and nipples can also be evenly cared for using whitening products. However, women should only use creams that have been produced for the sensitive skin in this area. Gentle whitening care such as ELAINE PERINE Intimate Bleaching Cream can be applied once or twice a day.

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