Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of Elaine Perine's products are vegan, we exclusively and unreservedly use active ingredients and ingredients that are proven to contain no animal ingredients.
Yes, our products are dermatologically and gynaecologically tested. For your personal safety, all our products are checked for their intimate and skin compatibility.
All Elaine Perine intimate care products are gynaecologically tested by an independent institute.
Even though Elaine Perine is a brand "by women, for women" and focused on specific needs, all interested women can use our products.
Currently, we only sell our products via our online stores and via various online marketplaces, e.g. amazon.
We believe in our products and their effectiveness, therefore we offer a refund for all products if you are not satisfied with the effect. If our creams, serums or lotions do not have the desired effect, please write to us and we will always find a suitable solution. Your satisfaction is important to us!
We recommend the use of our "Push Up Cream" and our "Push Up Booster Serum", used together you will get an ideal result. Of course, you can also choose to use the breast enlargement cream or the breast enlargement serum separately.
The secret of our breast enlargement cream or serum lies in the Commiphora extract, an essential oil extracted from the Guggul plant (Indian myrrh). You can find out more about how it works on the product page of our breast enlargement cream or breast enlargement serum.

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