Our vision: sustainable until 2023.


Conscientious, committed & transparent.

At Elaine Perine, we share a passion - we care deeply about our planet and all who call it home. Our brand is already vegan and cruelty free. By 2023, we now want to become 100% sustainable as well. Our vision is to fundamentally change the skincare industry. For us, sustainable skincare means developing products that meet our beauty needs without having a negative impact on people and the environment. We also want to encourage our customers to consume beauty in a more sustainable way. For us, this starts with improved ingredients and continues through production to packaging. Our goal is 100% vegan, cruelty free formulations and sustainable packaging solutions. We want to massively reduce the environmental impact of our products. As part of this plan, we will switch to refillable products by 2023 and source 100% of our ingredients from Germany. We are also committed to producing only products with sustainable packaging, using new materials and more recyclable materials such as glass and recycled plastic. In addition, we aim to be absolutely plastic neutral already by the end of summer 2022.