Stop facial hair growth

Stop facial hair growth

A natural hair growth on the upper lip is nothing unusual in women, however, depending on your structure and its extent, the small hairs can become annoying and disturbing. Many women therefore want to get rid of this fuzz and resort to various methods of hair removal. ELAINE PERINE explains which are the best and most gentle hair removal methods.

Why do women grow a lady's beard?

First of all, you may wonder why you have a little fuzz growing on your face at all. This can have different reasons. The reason for a lady's beard is a harmless, increased production of the male testosterone hormone. As long as a hormonal disease can be ruled out, the small fuzz can be removed in many different ways. In the next section, ELAINE will tell you which methods you can use without putting too much stress on your skin.

Warm wax
With the warm wax method, a strip of hot wax is applied to the upper lip and waited until it cools down. After that, it can be pulled off with a tug. The pain during waxing is relatively low when a professional is at work, because the faster the strip is pulled off, the less it hurts. This method should definitely be done by a beautician at the beginning, otherwise inflammation can occur if applied incorrectly at home.

Analogous to the warm waxing method, sugaring can be performed. Here, instead of wax, simply a thickened sugar paste is used, which epilates the skin when removed. To achieve ideal results through sugaring or warm waxing, the hair should have grown at least three millimeters before.

The easiest and fastest method to remove the annoying hair on the upper lip is, among other things, bleaching. Whether at the beautician or at home, as long as a skin-friendly and gentle formula of the products used, bleaching can be applied absolutely without any problems. Always make sure to use highly compatible ingredients so as not to irritate your sensitive skin unnecessarily.

The ancient oriental-Ottoman tradition of therading is now offered in many beauty salons. A thin thread is doubled and knotted into a small loop. It is then twisted with thumb and forefinger over the affected area of the face so quickly that the hair is caught between them and pulled out against the direction of growth, including the root, similar to epilation. Due to its complexity, this method should definitely be performed by a professional. The result lasts four to six weeks.

As with all hairy areas of the body, an IPL laser can also be used on the face to get rid of annoying hairs in the long term. The lengthy and costly procedure promises a lifetime of smooth skin with up to sehn sessions. By the way, this method works especially well for dark-haired women, because the stronger the contrast between the hair and skin color, the better the result. Light-haired women are also often prone to rapid scarring and pigmentation due to their sensitive skin.

The probably best known hair removal method of shaving is very easy to use, but lasts only a few days depending on the strength of the blade. The hair roots are not removed and the hair can grow again. If you use shaving to remove the annoying upper lip hair, you should make sure that the blade is fresh and sharp and that the razor has a moisturizing glide strip. Also make sure not to irritate the skin too much with shaving foam or gel. Ideally, always use products for sensitive skin because the thin upper lip skin can otherwise show irritation after use.

The right care
To promote a smooth, hair-free skin appearance in the long term, a hair-stopping cream or lotion is recommended. ELAINE PERINE Hair Stop Face - Unwanted Hair Cream is the right formula for this. With its purified plant extracts, it naturally removes hair growth-promoting substances from the hair follicle and thus curbs regrowth. The cream should be applied directly after hair removal, ideally after sugaring or waxing, and massaged in generously. Depending on the frequency of application, hair growth is already curbed by 20 percent with an application time of 21 days. Hair thickness is reduced by 37 percent after 42 days of regular application.

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